Rabu, 01 September 2010

WhicH MaLe IdoL GrouP HaS ThE TaLLesT AveRagE HeiGhT?

A study recently revealed the average heights of ten popular male idol groups. Which group do you think stood the tallest?
Height is a very sensitive issue for many, as After School’s Kahi recently found out. For idols, the pressure is even greater since they’re always in the spotlight. Most of these idol group members are in their 20’s, and many of the younger members are still rapidly growing. For example, 16-year-old DongHo of U-Kiss has grown 6cm since their debut back in 2008!
In a recent study, the heights of the idols from ten different groups (2PM, 2AM, CN.Blue, Super Junior, Big Bang, F.Cuz, U-Kiss, ZE:A, BEAST, and MBLAQ), meaning a total of 60 members, were calculated and analyzed. The average height of all of the boys was 179.3cm.
But as individual groups, C.N.Blue had the highest average height of 183cm. Leader Jung YongHwa, 180cm, is the shortest member of the group.
CN Blue
The group that was just shy of getting the top spot was F.Cuz, with an average height of 182cm.
2AM rounded out the top three with an average height of 181.5cm.

Check out the entire list of standings:
CN.Blue: 183cm
F.Cuz: 182cm
2AM: 181.5cm
2PM: 180.8cm

UKiss: 180.2cm

MBLAQ: 178.4cm

Super Junior: 177.5cm
Super Junior

Big Bang: 177.2cm
Big Bang

BEAST: 177.1cm

ZE:A: 175.8cm

However there are many factors that influenced the outcome of this study. For example, the top three groups have only four members, while other groups like Super Junior and ZE:A have more than twice of that, making it more difficult to maintain a high average height.
But all in all, were you surprised by the results?

credit : kpophd.com

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