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SNSD’s SeohYun Didn’T waNt To KisS ‘The TraX’

The Trax recently featured a true goddess for their comeback mini-album - SNSD’s Seohyun was chosen as the model for their album cover and music video. Members Jay (vocal) and Jungmo (guitar) revealed behind-the-scenes details about the filming through an interview with Sports Korea:
I was extremely embarrassed at first because we had a kiss scene planned for the movie, but she continued to reject it. She’s a very polite girl and I’ve known her since we were little, so I guess she felt awkward about it. It’s not like I can force her to do it (laughter). We just kept joking it off, saying it’s because of hubby Yong (CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa).”
Since their debut, Trax hasn’t showed off a song with such a bright feeling like “Oh! My Goddess”; yet the ethereal theme of the music video and the trendy lyrics seems to work well with their standard style. Jungmo revealed, “We want to get on stage with a new feeling each time. ‘A Man With A Cold Heart’ was a rock ballad, but our latest has a bright, acoustic-like feel to it. I was worried at first about being too trendy, but I’m trying not to be afraid of change. I think that’s the right path to go.”
The group debuted in 2004 with a Japanese style that was unfamiliar to the Korean market. The turning point for the group was their rock ballad release in January. Jay reflected, “If we made a U-turn with ‘A Man With A Cold Heart,’ then ‘Oh My Goddess’ is the accelerator. I want to go as far as possible.” Jungmo added, “There’s a lot of songs that I’m attached to this time around. I assure everyone of the quality as well. There’s nothing more we can wish for other than standing on stage and meeting our fans.”
Jay continued, “Whenever I participate in a musical or a performance about rock music, I learn a lot. I’m rather calm on stage so I needed to learn how to express myself better. I get tired easily stamina-wise, but it still makes me excited at the thought of meeting our fans.” Jungmo concluded, “On broadcasts, our performances are very restricted in that there’s no guarantee that we’re able to play live. There’s no other option but to get out there ourselves and connect with the crowd. Should the opportunity arise, we’d love to hold a live event, touring the country.”

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