Senin, 20 September 2010

SeConD JaPanEse SingLe for ShOujo JiDai ConFirmeD!

The rumour has proven to be true!
It is now confirmed that Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) will release their 2nd Japanese single, “Gee“, on October 20th. The single will come in 3 editions: a ‘first-press limited CD+DVD’, a ‘limited edition CD+DVD’, and a ‘regular press CD’. The cover is yet to be revealed, however the tracklist has been already disclosed:
1. Gee
2. Gee (Korean verison)
3. Gee (Original Music)
1. Gee (Music Video)
2. Gee (Dance Video – First Press only)
The ‘First Press edition’ comes with a DVD that includes both the original PV and the ‘Dance video’. It is also bundled with 1 out of 9 trading cards and a photo booklet. The ‘limited edition’ comes with a DVD which includes only the PV, while the ‘regular edition’ is just the CD alone.

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