Rabu, 15 September 2010

Part 2 of IdoL StAr AthLetiCs ChamPioNshiPs CHuseOk SPeciaL

It was a tiring day for popular idol groups today, as they all came together to form teams and compete against each other for the upcoming Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special.
In part 1 of our coverage of the Idol Star Athletics Championships, we included a vast amount of pictures taken at the event. You’d think the photographers got tired, but fortunately for us, even more pictures were taken, as well as a couple more idols updating their Twitter with selcas during the filming.
2AM’s Seulong tweeted a picture of the ‘91 line:
“I was just watching them but they looked so cute… the ‘91 kids are playing together.”

F.T. Island’s Hongki tweeted this picture and said,
“Us at the sports meet.”

The additional pictures were uploaded courtesy of Newsen and StarNews. Enjoy!

Here is an updated list of team groups:
Team A: BEAST, G.NA, 4minute
Team B: SeeYa, Davichi, Supernova, T-ara
Team D: F.T. Island
Team E: SISTAR, K.Will
Team F: U-Kiss
Team I: Rainbow
Team J: ZE:A, Jewelry, Nine Muses
Team K: Rottyful Sky
Team L: 8eight, 2AM
Team M: Son Dambi, After School
Team N: miss A, Joo, 2PM
Team O: Super Junior, f(x) Luna, SHINee, Trax
Team P: Kim Sae Rom, Gil, Kan Mi Yeon, Kim Shin Young, Kim Na Young

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