Senin, 20 September 2010

Kim Kyung Jin is HeeChuL’s DoppLeganGer?

Kim Hee Chul and Kim Kyung Jin
Paparazzi shots of comedian Kim Kyung Jin are causing netizens to crack up for two reasons.
The first reason is their outfit. Many celebrities wear comfortable clothing for flights, but what they’re wearing is just ridiculous. If Cruella de Vil ever met Elmo, that coat would be the result.
The second and more interesting reason lies in the fact that Kim Kyung Jin is dressed very similarly to Super Junior’s Heechul. Kim Kyung Jin uploaded this picture of the two on his Twitter and wrote, “Airport fashion’s trend is red.”
Heechul replied to Kim Kyung Jin, “We’re dopplegangers.”
Fans wrote,
“Wow… If you two met, there’d be a disaster.”
“Tomato duo.”
“They are like brothers.”
‘Tomato duo’ – they could totally start a new group.

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