Senin, 20 September 2010

BoA WanTs tO Be TaLLer

Singer BoA expressed her regret over her short height.
BoA revealed through her Twitter on the 18th, “If I could go back to my teens.. I would drink so much milk.. I want to return :’(
BoA also wrote, “I’m going to listen to Eun Ji Won’s ‘160′* while sleeping ^^ good night ^^
*(160 cm is about 5.25 ft)
Fans who visited BoA’s twitter responded with comments like, “Honest national singer“, “You’re still pretty even if you’re small” and “If you’re tall also, you’d be too perfect~
Meanwhile, BoA will reveal her repackage album “COPY&PASTE” through KBSMusic Bank” on the 24th.

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