Senin, 20 September 2010

Lee Seo Jin aNd G-DragOn WouLd LiKe To maRRy Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na was overwhelmed with blush-inducing compliments on the September 19th episode of SBS’ “Heroes”. Not one, but two handsome celebrities selected her as the ‘woman they would like to marry.’
The theme of the recent “Heroes” episode was ‘the member who would make a fine daughter-in-law.’ The “Heroes” cast dialed their close male acquaintances and asked them which cast member they would want to marry.
Lee Jin contacted actor Lee Seo Jin, who responded, “I want to marry Shin Bong Sun.” However, after MC Lee Hwi Jae persistently pressured him to give an honest answer, Lee Seo Jin eventually answered, “Truthfully, I would like to marry Yoo In Na. She’s so beautiful.”
Big Bang’s G-Dragon was dialed next, and he picked up the phone in the midst of his CF filming. He expressed, “Yoo In Na. I personally really adore her.”

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