Rabu, 01 September 2010

WHicH IdoL’s SHorT HeiGhT is tHe MosT CharMinG?

Idols can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are blessed with honey thighs while others are able to flaunt six-pack abs. When it comes to height, some idols inherit the ‘tall’ gene while others stay a petite size. So when it comes to these shorter idols, whose petite figure is most charming?
A poll was recently held on Cine 21 for the upcoming Japanese animation film, Karigurashi no Arrietty. They asked netizens the question, “Like the 10-cm tall Arrietty, which star’s short figure is the most appealing?” A total of 944 votes were cast and here are the results!
Kikwang BEAST

First place went to none other than BEAST‘s KiKwang! He won a whopping 36.9% of the votes, nabbing the top spot. Due to his powerful charisma on stage and his ability to make laughs with his ‘short image’ on the variety show, Hot Brothers, KiKwang was able to rally up many supporters and get first place.
Tae Yeon SNSD
SNSD‘s petite leader TaeYeon secured second place with 30.4% of the votes. Despite her short height, TaeYeon still packs a punch with her exceptional singing abilities and cute personality.
Finally, third place went to global star, BoA, who garnered 26.3% of the votes. This idol is always able to present powerful performances despite her small figure, growing from a cute girl to a charismatic singer.
Although these idols are on the shorter side, they are still some of the most popular and talented celebrities in the K-pop scene!

credit : kavenyou.com

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