Rabu, 15 September 2010

SNSD’s TaeYeOn VoTeD quEEn of AeGyO

SNSD’s Taeyeon has been voted as the idol girl group member with the most aegyo.
Internet community, DC Inside, conducted a survey titled, “Female idol that will melt your boyfriend’s heart with her overflowing aegyo” from September 7-14. A total of 16,801 people participated in the survey, with Taeyeon coming in 1st place with a total of 10,211 votes (60.8%).
Netizens responded, “Taeyeon is aegyo” and “I’d like to melt the heart of Taeyeon’s aegyo.
Following behind Taeyeon in 2nd place was SNSD’s Sunny with 2,891 votes (17.2%). Lastly, 2PM Nichkhun’s “We Got Married” wife, f(x)’s Victoria, came in at 3rd place with 2,424 votes (14.4%).
What do you think? Which female idol group member would melt your boyfriend’s heart?

credit : allkpop.com

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