Rabu, 15 September 2010

TaecYeOn LooKs goOd iN a SuiT, BuT DoEs hE LoOk BeTTer WitHouT OnE?


2PM’s Taecyeon got dressed up in a suit for a photoshoot, but many might think he looks better without one.
Taecyeon once again showed off his manliness through CJ Integrated Membership for the launching of CJONE. “I found out that even the smallest body expression can describe who I am, and I began to truly enjoy the attention of the world,” he expressed. “I am becoming an icon in the idol world.” As he said these meaningful words, he looked like a sensible, grownup man, all the while radiating charisma.
It has been rumored that his gradual, suave transformation was truly a subject of conversation among the staff.
The video that was shot in celebration of CJONE’s launching will be aired on tvN, OCN, ChannelCGV, Mnet, OnStyle, XTM, Ol’Live, StoryOn, and other channels on cable and satellite television.

credit : allkpop.com

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