Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

MusiC BanK to Be ShoWn Live iN 54 cOunTrieS SimuLtanEousLy

Popular music show KBS Music Bank will be shown live across 54 countries on the 27th.
“Live Music Bank K-POP Special” has the concept of seeing Music Bank together with people all over the world, and they will prepare a variety of different programs so that K-Pop lovers from all over the world can enjoy the show. On this day, the show will directly connect to Singapore so that fans in that location can sing along with SHINee to their new song Lucifer. In addition, request videos from viewers in America, Canada, Poland, Netherland, China, India, and Indonesia will be accepted via Youtube and Twitter.
Aside from these new features, there will also be a corner where overseas fans will be able to request encore performances from first place candidates and send cheer messages to favorite singers. Meanwhile, for this spectacular and highly anticipated special, top Korean stars including BoA, SHINee, DJ Doc, Se7en, Homme (Changmin and Lee Hyun), FT Island, Narsha, Secret, Chaeyeon, Jo Sung Mo, Eru, Hwanhee, Sistar, Rainbow, Nine Muses, Cho Shin Sung, G.NA, Navi, Ahn Jin Kyung, JQT, and Goofy will perform.

credit : allkpop.com

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