Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

BoA neW HurRiicAnE VenUs!!

finally make a comeback with the new song Hurricane Venus...
this is the promo picture...

K-pop superstar BoA today tweeted out another official promotional picture from her upcoming Korean comeback album Hurricane Venus.
She has also confirmed that her recent music video “Game” is not her official new single, and that it was simply just a “present to my fans”. The real first single from her new album will be the title track “Hurricane Venus”, which is rumored to have it’s music video released in 3D.

This new title track will definitely sweep the charts and let her come back with a bang.
Not only is she showing off her amazing vocal skills but the song itself is catchy. It’s a hot dance track that I can’t wait to see the choreography to.

Watch the beginning of the musical ”watery” whirlwind of  BoA’s”Hurricane Venus.
The complete “stormy” album will be released on August 5th.

wanna see her MV teaser?? click here..

credits : popseoul

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