Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

TaeYanG Is BusY, BusY

Big Bang‘s member, Taeyang, has been busy spending his days promoting his solo album and promoting Big Bang’s new song in Japan.
According to the entertainment, when the Japanese single, Beautiful Hangover, was released on the 25th, he secretly left to Japan with the Big Bang members in order to promote their single.
News about a new single was reported before it came out. But the fact that they were going to promote the single was not known by many of the fans. In order to continue this, Big Bang has decided to carefully promote their single while they are in Japan.
As Taeyang released his international release album, I’ll Be There on the 19th, it was decided that he comes back on the 28th to promote his album. On the 21st, he performed his new song, I’ll Be There on MBC Music Core and plans on performing again on the 28th. On the 29th, he will be performing on SBS Inkigayo and plans on meeting his Korean fans.
The staff who are working with Taeyang said that Taeyang will arrive in Korea on the 28th to promote his album. Even though he’s promoting his solo album and the Japanese single at the same time, he’s always doing his best to please the fans.
With the Japanese single and his solo single, his solo concert, which will be held on September 25th and 26th, is also coming up for him. He doesn’t have a day to rest.
Although he’s busy with promoting as a member of Big Bang and as Taeyang, the results are satisfactory. For the Japanese single, Beautiful Hangover, as soon as it was released, it was ranked in 5th place on the Oricon charts and have shown a very good start for their promotion.
During last June, when they debuted with the single, My Heaven, it was ranked 3rd and was able to have a successful start in their career in the Japanese market. Since then, they’ve released 5 Japanese singles and all of them were ranked 5th place or higher on the Oricon charts.
Taeyang’s solo album, I’ll Be There is currently gaining positive feedback. With a vampire concept that brings out the manliness in Taeyang, him and his dancers perform a very charismatic dance and along with his charming voice, he has once again gained the attention of many fans and those in the music industry.
On the 20th, through Taeyang’s YouTube channel, the music video was posted and 2 days after it was posted, over 100,000 views, and counting, was shown on the page. Also, on the 25th, the number of views of the channel was 124,005,347 and have become a hot issue, not only in Korea but overseas as well. The channel was ranked number 1 for most views and have had very positive feedback.
During October, Big Bang is planning on releasing a new album. It has been reported that they are also working on their new album and have been busy traveling to Korea and Japan. Their second album, Sunset Glow, was released in November of 2008 and it has been 2 years since they have released a Korean album.

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