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WhO aRe tHe MosT GorGeoUs SibLingS in K-PoP?

Which pair of Kpop siblings reign supreme?
Nowadays, the Kpop industry has its fair share of siblings. As these family members aren’t usually in the same group or the same company, it’s difficult to determine whose related to who. However, there are definitely some siblings more well known than others! I Bite magazine recently ran a poll asking readers to vote for the most “Gorgeously Marvelous Siblings in the Perfect Family,” and here are the results!

The number one spot went to none other than the gorgeous Jung Sisters! SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal beat out the other siblings and came out on top. Jessica debuted in SNSD three years ago and instantly became one of the most popular female idols in the industry. When her younger sister Krystal debuted last year, she too shot up in popularity, bringing the Jung family to the top!

Second place went to 2NE1’s Dara and her younger brother, Thunder of MBLAQ. Often seen goofing around with one another, the Park siblings always put a smile on our faces!

The pair of siblings that won third place, and also the only pair of twins on the list, were TVXQ’s Xiah JunSu and his slightly older, fraternal twin brother, JunHo (also known as Zuno). Although JunHo is not as well known as his brother, he also works in the Kpop industry as a successful solo artist.

SS501’s HyungJun and younger brother KiBum of U-KISS nabbed the fourth spot. These two extremely talented and lovable brothers definitely deserve a spot on this list!

MBLAQ’s Mir and his older sister, actress Go EunAh, rounded out the top five with their devilishly good looks.
Seems like beauty really does run in the family! So did your favorite siblings make the top 5?

well, for me, the number one in the list is SS501 HyungJoon and his brother U-Kiss KiBum...haha..

credit : kpoplive.com

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