Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

After School’s Nana is a licensed makeup artist

So as it turns out, the amazing “magic” seen above is actually done by a professional licensed make-up artist: Nana herself.
On a filming session for MBC Bouquet, After School’s Nana brought up a common stereotype that suggests pretty K-pop idol stars are rather dumb and stupid. To prove this statement false, Nana had decided to bring her proof of membership at the Makeup Artists Association, which shows that she’s actually a valid, certified makeup artist.

This is quite interesting, since it’s not every day you see a teen idol with such unique talent. Besides Nana, other After School members have made an effort to break the stereotype as well, as they brought in many awards and certificates that they have received previous to their debut.
Make sure to catch this episode on Sunday!

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