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Yoochun Is A Perfect Actor?

DBSK Micky Yoo Chun
KBS 2TV Sungkyunkwan Scandal casts and production crew members admire DBSK‘s Yoochun for his acting skills.
Yoochun will be debuting as an actor in the drama KBS 2TV Sungkyunkwan Scandal and on the 28th and so far, he’s received positive comments about his acting skills from cast and crew.
First up was Producer Kim Wonsuk. He complimented Micky Yoochun saying, “With a calm and charming face and voice, and good pronunciation skills, he has the basic skills in becoming a fine actor. He has everything he needs.”
Even the writer of the drama, Kim Taehee complimented him and said, “I was able to feel why he has so many fans who love him and admire him. He’s burning with passion to try new things and is very modest about it. He seems similar to Lee Sunjoon and I’m very satisfied to be working with him.”
Fellow cast members like Yoo AhIn and Song Joongki were also inspired by his passion in acting.
With all these complements, Micky Yoochun responded that he feels that he’s changing through acting.
Since it’s been a while I’ve performed in Korea, I wanted to reach my fans by trying something new but it’s sort of burdening for me to do this. Through acting, my personality started changing a little bit and I’m beginning to become a brighter person and I’m glad that I was picked to be able to do something new” and “It’s my first time acting and it’s not easy but I will try my best to fill in the gaps that I lack in.
The drama will be airing its first episode on August 30th so make sure you don’t miss it!

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