Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

NeW RaiNboW ComEback MV, "A"

Earlier two days ago, the girls of Rainbow released their comeback single, ‘A‘.
Well, the full MV for A has now been released!
As we’ve seen a bit through the teaser, the full MV reveals the girls’ sexy image, along with the great choreography and addictive tunes of the song.
A was composed by the Han Jae Ho-Kim Seung Soo combo who have also worked with Kara’s Rock U, Pretty Girl, Honey, Mister, and even Lupin. Looking at the list of songs they’ve composed, it’s bound to be a hit track, don’t you guys agree?
Without further ado, check out the full MV below!

Stay tuned to the girls’ comeback stages starting on Music Bank, followed by Music Core and Inkigayo!

credit : http://www.allkpop.com/

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