Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

TVXQ ReLeasEs “KeEp YouR HeaD DowN” aLbuM

After two years and three months, TVXQ has finally returned to the Korean music industry with the help of some of the biggest names in the industry.
TVXQ’s album features composers Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, Park Chang Hyun, E-TRIBE, and Outsidaz, who all collaborated in bringing out the charismatic vocals of the duo while attempting new and exciting genres.
Park Chang Hyun, who previously composed the group’s debut track, “Hug,” has returned once more for the group’s ballad track, “How Can I.”
Yunho’s solo song, “Honey Funny Bunny,” is a trendy song of the ’slow jam’ genre and is composed by E-TRIBE.  The unique title refers to a man’s description of the woman he falls in love with upon first sight.
Changmin’s solo ballad track, “Confession,” was self-written and features a piano and orchestra that aids in bringing out his strong vocals.  The lyrics express the feelings of a man’s sorrow after having lost his love.
Other tracks include a dance track featuring the rap of Trax’s Jay, “Crazy,” a modern melody of vocal harmonization, “Rumor,” and “Maximum.”
The group will be holding their official comeback performance on December 7th at KBS’s “Music Bank.”
1. “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”

2. “Story I Don’t Want To Believe”

3. “Maximum”

4. Crazy (feat. Jay from “The Trax”)

5. Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho)


7. Confession (Changmin)

8. Our GAME

9. She

10. Athena (Athena OST)

11. Trip (Paradise Ranch OST)
i am not a Cassie, but i guess they felt lonely in this album..no offense SM and JYJ, but, really, i miss the 5 of them together~~ 
but, once again, they did great works! Congrats for your new album TVXQ~~

credit : allkpop.com

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